Meet Shawn

Shawn McLeod | LYPurpose

Meet Shawn R. McLeod of LYPurpose

The person behind LYPurpose.

Shawn R McLeod loves to inspire and empower women to clarify and live out their true purpose. She is the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose: 7 Steps to Creating the Life You Crave”, the instruction manual for using vision boarding in a strategic way to hone your concept of personal purpose and to map out steps for career change and effective goal management.

She is an anthology contributor for the book “Voices of the 21st Century: The Cheat Sheet for Creating Vision Boards That Lead to Discovering Your Purpose”. Shawn has touched the lives of women as a workshop presenter for corporate women’s mentorship programs, employee excellence, and women’s ministry.

Shawn seeks to connect with women through social media and internet radio having broadcast her ideas via the Sisters in Harmony Internet Radio Show with Brother Umoja and the Empowerment Hour Radio Show with Theresa Daniel.

Shawn is a gifted educator who loves to motivate women through teaching practical, easy-to-understand, bible-centered self-discovery tools which help them to their God-inspired assignments. Her desire is that her clients begin to soar in life, utilizing their gifts and talents to manifest their dreams.