Vision & Mission


  • To teach women the principles of harnessing their imagination for kingdom manifestation.


  • To equip women with the tools they need to
    discover and bring clarity to their life’s purpose.
  • To use strategic vision boarding to document, analyze and understand their design and the Creator who made them.
  • To facilitate successful career transitions for women as they navigate through the various phases of their lives.


LYPurpose’s purpose is to focus on women in career transition, those who are:

  • Looking around at their working lives with discontent,
  • Circling in the “proverbial rut” and finally ready to make a change,
  • Thinking they don’t have the resources or the strength to get up and get moving toward their next God-ordained opportunity.

You’ve come to the right place if you have been wondering exactly how you are going to make the journey to the career you have always dreamed of doing, such as that:

  • Exciting new job opportunity that you have been yearning for, but are too afraid to reach out to grab;
  • New business idea burning in your heart to launch; or,
  • Transformational ministry endeavor you are driven to execute.

LYPurpose takes a different approach to career transition. Its programs are designed to demonstrate repeatable systems which help you expand your understanding of your divine design, and to grasp how the sum total of your experiences have culminated in preparing you to assume the your next assignment. The exercises help you to expand your mental capacity to see yourself successfully doing “Your Next”! Writing the vision, getting it out of your head and documented using colorful imagery and through vision-boarding and self-discovery of your talents and passions is part of the means to get moving.

LYPurpose offers vision board parties and coaching sessions which can jolt you into living your dreams. It’s the atmosphere of warmth and the energy of others working on the same journey that can help you step onto a launching pad for your destiny to be realized.